Frequently Asked Questions

What are "dollar deals"?

This type of deals are simply put - deals with an extremely high discount that typically sell for less than a dollar.
Sometimes, the price can be a little higher, reaching about $3. They are normally sold out for minutes.
You can use "Smart alerts" and setup specific filters to be notified right away when such deals come on sale, so you'll have the time to react and if you're lucky, get one yourself.
To get an idea of how often such deals appear, you can see the past appearances of dollar deals here.

Where do "Deals of the day" come from?

Certain online stores have a daily deal giveaway policy, where they offer a certain product at a higher than the usual discount for a limited period of time.
Typically these deals expire at the end of the day, while for some sites (such as they are gone in a matter of hours, so there is no guarantee when the sale for the specific site would end.

What can I use "Smart alerts" for?

The typical scenarios for using the smart alerts is when:

  • You're looking for something in particular and want to be notified if it comes on sale
  • You want to know only when a deal in your budget appears
  • You want to see immediately when a dollar deal is on

Once you setup the criteria for when you want to be notified, our tracking server will send you a notification email as soon as a deal matching these criteria appears on sale at one of the ODAT sites we track.

A detailed description on how to use the smart alerts to their full potential can be found here.